Lac Gémeaux, La Minerve, Upper Laurentians, Québec, 2007.

Shoveled snow, conifer cones. Approx 17m diameter, 1.7m high.

TV documentary Landscape as Muse lll, Episode 37, Winter with Jeane Fabb, produced by 291 Film Company, shown on BRAVO, SCN, Knowledge Network. Photos: stills from documentary.


In a circular clearing on the ice at the north end of the lake, near where the water flows in, three mounds of snow lie like giant open pods. Performance artist Tedi Tafel was invited to interact with the snowpods. In the first one she lay curled on her side, in the second she lay on her front with arms stretched towards the upper rim, and in the third she lay on her back. I echoed these bodily positions with forms made of hundreds of conifer cones (pine, spruce, fir) that I had gathered the previous summer and fall in the nearby forest.

The entire work was created over a five day period in temperatures hovering between -25 and -35, plus winds (the timing determined by the TV crew’s schedule), with help from neighbor Larry Giblin.