In her Slippers / Dans ses sabots à elle…

A video and sound installation presented as a continuous projection with no beginning or end (one complete cycle is 52 minutes).
Single DVD projection and five speakers. Original audio contains both French and English.

2004 Galerie La Central, Montréal, Québec
2005 Centre d’exposition de la Gare, L’Annonciation, Québec
2005 Galerie Arte x Arte, Buenos Aires, Argentine.

Images: Photos of video in Galerie la Centrale by Sandra Lynn Bélanger

Real-time images of the indigenous boreal orchid CYPRIPEDIUM ACAULE—also known as SABOT DE LA VIERGE, STEMLESS LADY’S SLIPPER, MOCCASSIN FLOWER—merge and emerge to create a poetic montage of the short seasonal lifespan of this sensual flower. From the five speakers around the room the voices of nine women from my community in the Upper Laurentians emerge and merge like waves. Each woman describes a specific place in the forest with which she has an intimate relationship and elaborates upon the nature of her connection to the place. For the exhibition in Argentina (that was part of an exchange of Quebec and Argentinian women artists called Polar Conversations), the interviews were translated into Spanish, and nine women from Latin America, now living in Montreal, were recorded reading the texts.