Lac Nemiskachi, Upper Laurentians, Québec, 1995. Residency, LA TÊTE DES EAUX / HEADWATERS, produced by Boréal ArtNature.

Wood, stones, diaphanous cloth. Each form approx. 4.5m long.

"If these three forms were like vestiges of a hypothetical journey, the eventual or imaginary destination was nature itself. The piece carried with it a silence, a forlorn feeling of something once there, now forgotten, eternal, primordial, whose only presence or memory remains in the artist’s material point of contact the site itself. These vessels could suggest the death of something sacred but also a rebirthing through an acknowledgement of a point of contact with the source of origin. They become a point of entry into an ontological journey, the lake being a metaphor for the source of knowledge, just as it is a source for the many waterways that flow from it … with the action of weather and the seasons, Giving Back to the Lake will eventually disintegrate and dissolve into nature, the lake, a metaphor for the way the passing of time itself changes our sense of time, just as environments take on new physical and cultural dimensions. Nature transformed transforms into nature…”

Extract from text by John K. Grande, published in Tête des eaux / Headwaters, Boréal ArtNature 1998, pages 28, 29.