My art/nature project La dama de Kiamika is at the core of these works. During numerous camping trips to the Réservoir Kiamika in the Laurentians, I explored this region that had been dammed, flooded and cut by the logging industry. I brought tent and tools for survival, and cloth, notebook and camera for creation. Along the shores I singled out dead tree stumps and branches that had familiar bodily forms and lay shrouds and veils over them. Repeated gestures of wrapping and unwrapping, covering and discovering the wood with cloth became my way of exploring ancient and modern ties between woman and the land, a way of feminizing the Canadian Bush myth, a way of being in relation to nature.

From the reservoir and from elsewhere in the forest, I brought home some of these wooden forms and I continued the process. During this period my mother was fatally ill, and creating the dark veiled works eventually became part of my mourning process.

Selections of these works were exhibited in St-Jérôme, Montréal, Québec city and Salerno in Italy. Their size varies between 5 and 8 feet tall.