Fascinated by the human-like forms of dead wood lying on the shores of Laurentian reservoirs, particularly the reservoir Kiamika, I gathered and assembled and sculpted the wood in an expression of body-earth identification and personal-mythical narrative.

Created from branches, logs and roots of the boreal forest cedar, maple, beech, cherry, ash, pine, fir and spruce life-stories are inherent in the shape, curves and thickness of the wood. The sculptures are human size from 5 to 7 feet tall or long.


The works were exhibited in galleries in Montréal, Alma, Aylmer, Ottawa and l’Annonciation. In 1982, I placed several works outside in a field in order to photograph them. Experiencing this work in direct relationship to the earth, sky and the changing light was a prelude to my on-going series of ephemeral site-specific installations and actions in remote places.